- Insurance
  - Infidelity
  - Custody Issues
  - Worker Comp
  - Disability claims
  - Domestic Relations
  - Cheating Spouse
  - Undercover
  - Employment Issues

Background Checks

  - Civil Records
  - Criminal Records
  - Court Records
  - Address History


  - Address Verification
  - Skip Tracing
  - Missing Persons
  - Identify Persons

Process of Service

 - Small Claims
 - Summons & Complaints
 - Marriage Dissolutions
 - Parenting Plans
 - Restraining Orders
 - Address verification
 - Research
 - Law Suits

Insurance Investigations

  - Insurance Fraud
  - Disability Fraud
  - Surveillance
  - SUI / AOE / COE
  - Worker Compensation
  - Work Product
  - Employee Theft
  - Trade Name Issues
  - Copyright Issues

Our Advantage
List of Services
Backgroud Checks
Insurance Investigations
Process of Service
Our Advantage
List of Services
All private investigators working on your case will handle it with professional, discreet methods. Your identity, along with what we do on your behalf, is kept absolutely discreet and confidential. All clients can rest assured that confidentiality is paramount here at New Orleans Private Investigations.
We get the proof you need, legally, ethically and at competitive prices. While many private investigation agencies are a large bureaucracy, you won’t get lost in the shuffle at New Orleans Private Investigations. We are sensitive to your particular needs and to your particular situation. We are well- trained and utilize the best tools in the business to get you results. We will not take your case unless we are confident that we are suited to deliver precisely what is requested. Once we take your case we will conduct the investigation in a time efficient and professional manner, always keeping your satisfaction as our goal.

If you have a case in an area where we are not able to provide you with service, we would be more than happy to give you a complementary referral to a private investigator that we know can assist you.

We also understand that the prospect of hiring a private investigator may be uncomfortable to some. You have our guarantee that no matter what your situation involves, we will listen to you and give you a detailed explanation of how we can help. A consultation with a private investigator is free and strictly confidential.

Finally, female investigators have inherent advantages over our male counterparts. Women have better intuition and are detail oriented. Many people find it easier to open up to a female investigator because we aren't threatening. The stereotypes associated with private investigation enable women to operate more effectively. Most people don't expect a woman to show up at their door to serve them with a subpoena or to be conducting surveillance with a hidden camera in a diaper bag.
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